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Patch Info

Brownie Vest and Placements

Scout shops are located in Allen and Plano. Orders can also be placed online. What you need to get started is:

The "PANSY" crest will go just below the council patches.

Scout Shop Locations:

Scout Shop Allen, 190 E. Stacy Road, #1512, Allen, TX 75002
Phone: 972-912-3030

Scout Shop Plano, JoAnn Fogg (Headquarters), 6001 Summerside Dr., Dallas, TX 75252
Phone: 972-349-2416

Brownie Uniform Guide

For over a century, Girl Scouts have proudly worn distinctive uniforms that symbolize the high ideals for which Girl Scouting stands. Uniforms provide unity among Girl Scouts and a feeling of belonging to a worldwide sisterhood. Girl Scout Brownies wear a uniform in ceremonies, when officially representing Girl Scouts, and when they just want to share their Girl Scout pride. This article for Brownie-level troop leaders explains key patches, pins, insignia, and their placement on the Brownie uniform.

Uniform Basics

Brownies have the option of a brown sash or vest. In addition to the standard white shirt and khaki pants or skirt option for formal events, Brownies may choose to wear a full uniform ensemble. This includes a Brownie shirt, beanie, tie, skort, and socks or tights.

The Front of the Uniform

All official patches, pins, and insignia are placed on the front of the Brownie uniform. A Brownie might not earn all of these awards—it just depends on her length of time in the program. The following are the only pins, patches, and awards that belong on the front of the Brownie Girl Scout uniform.

Insignia and awards marked with an asterisks* can be added to girls' uniforms right away!

Brownie Uniform Diagram

(Items 1-12 read top-bottom on the vest right side; 13-17 read top-bottom on the vest left side)

  1. *American Flag Patch – This patch identifies Girl Scouts living in the USA.
  2. *Council Identification Set – This set includes the Girl Scouts of USA strip and the council ID strip.
  3. Troop Crest – This crest is a symbol for the troop’s goal, interest, or character. A crest is voted on by all troop members.
  4. *Troop Numerals – Upon joining Girl Scouts, girls will receive a troop number.
  5. *Membership Stars and Discs – These signify the completed years in any given program level. For every year completed, a star is placed on the uniform. These stars will move on to the next program level uniform as to continually represent the years the girl has been in Girl Scouts. A green colored disk rests behind the star to represent the Brownie program level.
  6. *Bridge to Girl Scout Brownie Award – This award signifies that a girl has graduated from the Girl Scout Daisy level and is now a Girl Scout Brownie.
  7. My Promise, My Faith Pins – These pins signify girls who’ve completed steps to identify what their faith and Girl Scouting have in common, using the Girl Scout Law as a guide.
  8. Cookie Sale Activity – Girls who participate in the Cookie Program are eligible to earn the cookie pin by developing essential business skills. Each year the pin color changes. These pins move on to the next program level uniform as to continually represent the years the girl has participated in Cookie sales.
  9. Safety Award Pin – This pin signifies completion of a five-step process for staying safe, tailored to Girl Scout Brownies.
  10. Girl Scout Brownie Badges – These are triangular and placed along the bottom of the sash or vest on the right hand side. It is acceptable for these badges to be placed upside down in order to fit the pieces together like a puzzle. If there is no more space on the front, overflow badges can be placed on the bottom around the back of the vest or sash.
  11. World Thinking Day Award – This award is earned by participating in activities and projects on World Thinking Day.
  12. Global Action Award – This award connects the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) sisterhood by helping girls work together to make a difference on an issue that affects girls and women all over the world.
  13. *Brownie Insignia Tab – This tab is used to hold the World Trefoil Pin and Membership Pin.
  14. *World Trefoil Pin – The World Trefoil Pin shows that you are part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).
  15. *Girl Scout Brownie Membership Pin – This pin signifies that a girl is a member of Girl Scouts.
  16. Journey Summit Award Pin – This pin signifies that a girl has completed three Brownie Journeys. Girls who earned the Journey Summit Award Pin can carry their award over to their Junior uniform.
  17. Journey Award Badges – These awards signify the Brownie Journey activities a girl has completed. When the original three Journey activities are completed, they are put together to make a special picture.

The Back of the Uniform

If girls can’t fit all the official awards and patches on the front of your uniform, they can place them on the back. However, the back of the uniform is meant for all unofficial badges and patches including cookie, camp, and fun patches. Fun patches reflect girls’ participation in events, projects, or special personal interests.