Girl Scout Troop 252


Adventureful Reorders

Please note the following guidelines for all cookie reorders. Going forward on all cookie reorders, for every 120 packages of cookies ordered, 12 packages in the order can be for Adventurefuls. This is a GSNETX rule due to production issues. I'll let everyone know if/when this rule changes.

Posted: January 15, 2022

Cookie Re-orders

Are you running low on cookie inventory? If so, you have two options and it's generally best to proceed in this order: First, use the group message to request a trade with another scout - remember to trade $5 cookies for other $5 cookies and $6 cookies for other $6 cookies. Second, check the cookie info page for new reorder windows for anyone that would like to place an order for additional cookies or that did not place an initial cookie order in November.

Posted: January 11, 2022

Digital Cookie Opens Today!

The Girl Scout Digital Cookie platform opened today (12/13/2021). Parents and scouts can setup their Digital Cookie website - it's really easy to do - and start accepting cookie orders for shipment today. All parents should have received an email from today with details on how to setup your scout's Digital Cookie Website. Please email Joe if you did not receive this email.

Please note, that orders placed via Digital Cookie where the customer elects to have the order shipped directly to them will NOT come out of your scout's physical cookie inventory. Girl Scouts will ship these packages directly to the customer. However, your scout will receive credit for the sale.

Posted: December 13, 2021