Girl Scout Troop 252 - About Us

About Us

We are a lively Girl Scout troop near the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.

Our Troop was established in 2018 with 8 amazing and energetic kindergarten girls and 2 leaders. We have since grown to 2 leaders, 2 troop cookie managers, 21 young ladies and counting, and many, many helpful parents.

We are a diverse group of girls who enjoy so many things. Some of our favorite activities include bike riding, swimming, crafting, experimenting, and hanging out with friends.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention SNACKING!

We tried our hand at camping and loved it! Right, parents?

We also enjoyed earning Girl Scout Journeys where we learned how to garden and how to be respectful to our water supply. We LOVE community service and are always trying to find ways to give back to our community. Some of those ways include writing letters to our local senior center, food drives, and putting together birthday bags for under-privileged kids.

We also love selling Girl Scout cookies! Not only do we get to eat these delicious treats, but we get cool stuff for selling them! The best part of selling cookies is deciding on a local charity to give back to. We have donated boxes of cookies to our local first responders like firefighters, police officers, and teachers.

One of our most amazing charities that we were able to donate to was our local Children's Hospital. We were able to donate over $600 worth of toys, games, and crafts to children who truly need to be loved on.

We are excited to keep learning, growing, and being helpful in our community. And, of course, we will ALWAYS enjoy making new friends while keeping the old.